Very high RAM usage

Hello, dear Community
Have just updated 7.9 version to last night build of Ignition 8 beta. Our test server has 6gb on ram and was running 7.9 fine. Now it takes almost all of RAM memory just after being started. Current memory consumption of java.exe (stands for the gateway) is 3800mb and windows shows there is 37mb free with almost full Physical Memory Usage Graph history.

But the Gateway performance page shows it consumes only 602mb of ram. Very interesting. Have smb experienced the same behaviour?


How much ram is allocated to Ignition in the ignition.conf file?

Thank you, Kevin for a quick reply.

Initial Java Heap Size (in MB)

Maximum Java Heap Size (in MB)

We have solved RAM usage problem with getting Gateway backup and restoring it right after. Now after running for a while, the java.exe takes 900mb which is a good enough.


One more feedback: there is something with expression tags. They are not being executed properly. DB tags return bad status with “no database defined” error, but actually it IS defined. After modifying them twice (make some difference and then return back), they start to work preperly.