Very large log files in Ignition 8.1

I'm running Ignition 8.1 on a linux server and I've noticed that one of my log files is huge compared to the other and doesn't seem to be closing out. I checked my ignition.conf file and the wrapper logging settings are the defaults:


I've checked my Ignition/logs/ directory and I actually have 6 log files in there: wrapper.log, which is over 4GB, and wrapper.log.1 to wrapper.log.5, which are roughly 10MB. What has happened that caused the file to grow out of control and how can I fix it?

What version of 8.1.x is it? The default [implicit] roll mode is wrapper.logfile.rollmode=SIZE, so it should roll upon that size exceeding 10MB. I've never observed it malfunctioning--I imagine that might be something in that log file related to the Java Service Wrapper if it tried to roll and failed for some reason. Are the file permissions on the existing wrapper.log.* files correct (i.e. the user that Ignition is running as still has r/w access to them)?

Also, was Ignition restarted after changing the configuration?

Sorry for not replying sooner. The version is 8.1.10. I checked my config file and didn't find a wrapper.logfile.rollmode==SIZE property in the config file. It looks like the log file permissions are correct.

The issue has resolved itself after a gateway restart.