Very slow Designer start

I’m experiencing a rather frustrating issue: to start designer from the designer.jnlp file it takes up to 1 minute just for “Downloading application” and “Verifying application”, then 20 more seconds for “Analyzing local cache” and then after about 2 minutes I get finally to the Ignition Designer login page.
I googled around, looking for issues about the java web start technology, but whatever I tried, I got no performance improvement.
I’m running Ignition 7.6 on Windows 7 Professional, Norton Internet Security (already tried to switch off all security features: no success), Java 1.7.0_60-b19.
That’s really a big issue for me, since I’m developing some Components with Eclipse and to see how they works I must switch the Designer off and on again quite often.

Any suggestion?
Thank you in advance

are you connected directly to the gateway or over a network using WiFi?

I have found connections using WiFi tend to be slower when connecting to the gateway

How busy is your network?
I have one customer that has several PLCs, several PV+ and several Ethernet VFDs all on the same subnet as the gateway. Connection is painfully slow.


Also another common issue has been Anti Virus software causing Jnlp files to load slowly as well. Are you currently running any type of AV software ?

Hallo James, hallo Curlyandshemp,

Gateway and Designer are running on the same PC.

Yes, I am: it is Norton Internet Security I tried already to switch it off, but no success. To be honest, I tried to switch it off by using their commands shell, but I saw that the Norton Insernet Security Service keeps running nontheless (it is impossible to stop it, you can only disable it and then restart the PC).

What I see is that Ignition Designer starts a bit faster if I’m not connected to the Internet (I connect to the internet through an Internet Key).

Thank you in advance for your help

Since you are running AV software I would go into the settings for the firewall and approved programs section there should be some options to allow approved software to run unrestricted. I would add exceptions for Java and Ignition this should make it so it will stop doing real time scans on those programs processes.

I had the same problem ,I fixed allow the jawaws.exe to comunicate through Windows defender Firewall.
This is done via "Allow App through windows firewall " tool, other workaround is to use the native launcher .

Best Regards