Very strange tag writing issue

I have an Igntion 8.1.2 application that I have been starting up. I have had an issue that has popped up and I cannot figure out how to troubleshoot it.

I created a boolean tag and then a button on a Vision screen to toggle the value. This worked fine. I then copied that button, changed the tagpath to another tag, and tested it in the designer. It works fine. However, there is one client where the second button will not write to the tag. The script follows:

curVal =’[StormWaste]testStormwaterAlarm’)
newVal = 1 - curVal.value

if system.gui.confirm(u’This will send a test SMS Message. Are you sure?’, ‘Confirm SMS Test for Stormwater’):
system.tag.writeBlocking([’[StormWaste]testStormwaterAlarm’], [newVal])

No error are thrown on the client, but one works and the other does not. I might consider this a fluke but I had the same issue with other tags yesterday. In that case I was trying to write to the string tag and the original test field worked fine, but the second one would not write on this particular client. I have other clients that are working fine.

I cleared everything out of this clients’ .ignition and .openjfx folders to force a new download of the projects. Same problems.

Any troubleshooting advice to narrow down what might be wrong with this one client?

There have been issues relating to timestamps because of some attempted support for backfill that went into 8.1.2 and 8.1.3.

If you can wait for 8.1.4 to be released today or tomorrow it will be fixed in that version.

For now, you can try disabling it by setting a property as described in this post.

I think you hit the nail on the head. I just noticed that this client’s clock is an hour slow (programmer error). In any case, I updated it to the correct time and the issue went away. It is not a huge problem and I will update this to 8.1.4 soon.

Thanks for the pointer in the right direction.

Say what? I thought this wasn’t being released until late April? Has it been brought forward? :smiley:

You might be thinking of 8.1.5.

Oh, cool! Well that’s good news for us then, as we were waiting out for 8.1.4 for some stability fixes, and 8.1.5 for Perspective load time improvements.

Hopefully you weren’t promised something in 8.1.4 that’s actually in 8.1.5 :grimacing: