Vessel transformation value (academy) not applie (regional setting about decimal separator ?)


On the course Adding a Transform - Creating the Overview a transformation is applied to the value to display “nn.nn” (3min40s).
The transformation Patern ##.## is ok in Configuration tag binding (pic1)

The transormation is not applied : the decimal are not shown (45 instead of 45.56 by example)
and there is an warning on the component : “value.value : string found, number expected.”

I think is about regional settings : on my PC (win10), the decimal separator is “,”. I think the return value after transormation has a “,” and become a string instead of a number.

If I use a script transformation, the result is ok (45.56) but the warning is still there (like in the video).

What do you think ?



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#.## means optional numbers in these positions.
0.00 means “must have numbers in these positions”.

Sample  #.##  0.00
 3      3     3.00
 3.7    3.7   3.70
 3.70   3.7   3.70
 3.75   3.75  3.75

Very nice !
2 transformations to have, at end, a float.

It’s smell like a little bug, no ?

Thanks !

It’s not a bug.
The format transform in pattern mode is meant to return a formatted string, but the vessel prop expects a number