Vessel visualization error when upgrading to 8.1.16

I have discovered that the Vessel symbol has stopped displaying correctly since I updated to version 8.1.16 (starting from a version 8.1.14).
The vessel level is displayed outside the tank perimeter, offset below its actual value. (Attached image)
I’m not sure if it’s a bug or if I did something wrong during the update as in a “clean” install seems to work properly.
Any help on how to fix it would be appreciated!

Apparently there’s an (as yet undiagnosed) case where Perspective’s symbols fail to update cleanly. Support ( can guide you through the process of making sure they update properly.

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I have ticket #45056 for this issue. I shared your response to see what next steps are.

I also have this problem in 8.1.21

But ok when horizontal. (150.6 KB)

My problem was solved with the release of 8.1.18 but haven't tryed upgrading to 8.1.21.
A workarround I found prior to the release of the correction was to get the .svg files from a clean install and replace them in the path "\data\modules\com.inductiveautomation.perspective\icons " and then restart the gateway. Hope it helps!

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