Video camera control

I have a pan tilt IP camera that I want to be able to control from an FPMI interface. I think it just uses a url for the preset pan tilt functions. How can I access this with a button in FPMI? … Language=0

That URL is the url that will cause the camera to turn? So you want a button to basically call that url behind the scenes, and throw away the resulting page?

That is correct, I think. I found the URL by hovering over the preset button in the camera application provided by the manufacturer and that’s the address that shows up in the status window of the browser. I’m kinda guessing.

Well, its worth a try! Try putting this in the actionPerformed script of a button:

url = ''

Or to do it in the background for a snappier UI, do this:

def moveCamera(): import fpmi url = '' fpmi.system.invokeAsynchronous(moveCamera)

Let me know how that works