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Hey all,

I would like to preface this by saying it has nothing to do with Ignition…

Our company has build a fancy Customer Experience Center that they can bring customers and such in for visits. In this building there is a big glass wall that people can look down into the actual plant and see some production working. They also want to add video monitors that will show other parts of the production process that are not viewable from the window. They would like a row of buttons that people can press that will start videos of different areas, and of course I’ve been asked to come up with something…

I’m having a hard time finding any information on anything like this so I thought I’d ask around the forum and see if anyone has had any experience with something like this or any ideas on how to approach it. Computer based? Purely video (DVD or something) playback linked to buttons somehow? I am coming up empty. Any pointers or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Ask at your local museum? They tend to have this systems.

Unless you want live video, then try alarm security systems.

If you’re talking about pre-canned video rather than live streams, I would do this in a web browser in kiosk mode. Start with a navigation screen with buttons linking to each video (using a touch screen means you can do away with hardware buttons). When the user selects a video, display a new page containing the appropriate embedded video. Include a back button in case they don’t want to finish watching the video before selecting another.

As you’re in charge of the browser being used, use a modern one like Chrome or Firefox and use the HTML5 video tag

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If your using live video streams from somewhere at the location then why not use Ignition? You could use IP cameras at whatever process you would like to display. Then, you could display the video feeds with the IP Camera Viewer component. Just an idea.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ve been playing around with them. I didn’t even know web browsers had a kiosk mode… :stuck_out_tongue:

There weren’t any plans for live video but I suggested it to the power-that-be and they liked that idea so I’m leaning towards doing it in Ignition anyway. I also downloaded a media player called VLC player and can launch into a full screen video with the following code on a button:

system.util.execute(["C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\VLC.exe", "-vvv", "C:\Path\To\File", "--fullscreen", "--play-and-exit"])

and it will launch the video full screen and auto close when the video is done, works pretty snazzy. Thanks again for the suggestions, much appreciated!

Cool Idea. (Imbedded help videos anyone?)

Question: when is a live video done? :scratch:

They will be live video feeds from different areas of the plant that aren’t visible from the overlook room so people can see how those areas of the plant operate. Basically just IP cameras on the wall.

vlc player is awesome.

Ignition and IP cameras are awesome! :thumb_left:

Are there any plans to support mpeg4 streams as well as mjpeg streams in the future?

Maybe in the future, right now the focus is on the next release of Ignition.