[video] use chat gpt to build ignition 8.1 perspective views! 👩‍💻 well, sort of!

Howdy, I made a video where I mess around with GPT 3.0 and create some views that perspective can successfully import!
If you wanna learn more, check it out here!
Let me know what you think!


By the way, it's much easier and quicker to copy and paste JSON on a View in the designer vs exporting or repacking and importing.

Hold down shift and then right click on the view.


Oooh i never knew that shortcut! Adding it to my master list, thanks!
Are there other unique menus that show with shift+rightclick in ignition? I've used this software for years and never known about this.

There is new Alt + Shift + Click to deep-select and Shift + Click for cycle selection.