Video vision component based on VLCj - H264 compatible

[b]An experimental video component based on VLC/VLCj
H264 compatible and all the vlc codec supported !

Be careful :
Don’t use multiple of the component (secure multiple instance in progress)
for windows ignition client only (linux compatible version is comming)
Tested with Ignition 7.5.4[/b]

Installation step:

1)Install VLC on windows client

for windows 32 bits

for windows 64 bits
be careful to install the right version

2)Install the VideoComponent
Configuration\Module\Install or Upgrade a Module…

3)Launch the designer
A new palette Video is added
import windows TestVideoComponent

4)Test in designer or vision client
Complete the “Media Resource Locator”
Syntax is documented at :

Example for a file :
for a stream (see camera manual)
for example : rtsp://

use PLAY/PAUSE or RESUME/STOP to control the visualization.
Message VideoComponent properties gives some information.
See Output Console or Diagnostic Console for debug information:

VideoComponent-module-signed-v1.0.0.modl (1.43 MB)
TestVideoComponent_2013-01-04_1154.proj (12.1 KB)

Videocomponent-module-sign-v1.0.0.modl, how do I get the new version? The link on the post when I installed it told me it was' Faulted,Required Major Version Mismatch'.

This is an 11 year old post, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this module is going to be a little out of date.

This module was superceded. Look at this one instead: