View a .ply file in Perspective

I have a client that takes 3D images in a .ply format (reference at PLY - Polygon File Format) and they would like to be able to view them on a Perspective page. They want to be able to move the images around with their mouse, to see the different facets of the 3D object. I don’t see any quick built-in way to do that, does anyone have any experience implementing a 3D .ply viewer?

You can use ply loader to three.js, and use three.js to show and interact with it.
For using it 8n perspective you can use web dev module and iframe.
Using ajax and reverse ajax you can send and receive data to and from three.js to Perspective session and show result by iframe in a view.
Or just create module with sdk to import three.js in platfrom which is much harder.

Thank you for this information. I have to admit that I am not a web developer and don’t know what most of that means. Is there anything you could link that might help me with the simplest implementation? Thanks!

So you have long journey.
First learn html and css which is good even in perspective.
Then learn javascript. Which you can use udemy learning material.
At the end buy this training course:

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