(View) Configuration Explorer - a new tool for visualizing dynamic configuration in Perspective

Available in last night’s nightly build and in the full release of 8.1.22 coming soon, the ‘Configuration Explorer’ tool.

Opened on a particular view (or component of a view; more on that in a moment) this is a specific-to-Perspective tool that helps you visualize every dynamic piece of configuration in a particular view in one place. Quickly see all your bindings, scripts, or event handlers, and search within their raw configuration for any given string value.

See something you need to update? Just use the ‘Go To Reference’ action button on the bottom; or right click in the table cell; or, for keyboard only users, just press the Enter key and you’ll be taken directly to the editor for the highlighted configuration.

If you want to focus on a specific part of your component hierarchy, just invoke the Configuration Explorer (from the right click menu, or find it in the Component menu, or use the hotkey Ctrl/Meta + R) on a particular component, and you’ll get a custom Configuration Explorer view of the selected component and all of its children.

Toggle the details panel along the bottom to view the ‘raw’ JSON configuration of the selected configuration; this can be a helpful debugging tool, or just convenient reference.