View init gets stuck in maker edition


When I create a view in my designer, it gets stuck in initializing it.

What version are you using?
Does this happen every time you try to create a View?
Is the behavior different if you remove the space from the name?
Is the Gateway on this computer, or a different machine?
Have you verified you can reach the Gateway from this computer?

Yes it happens every time I try to create a view.
No improvement removing the space from the name.
The Gateway runs on a synology NAS
Yes I can reach the gateway because my OPC sources are updated on my designer.
Thanks for your help.

Can you copy the full text in the 'Output Console' window and paste or upload it here? There's likely an issue with the embedded browser starting up.

ouput console.txt (4.4 KB)

That's not complete, or you cleared it before you copied it. Can you get one from a 'clean' restart of the designer?

Sorry. Here is the full one:
ouput console.txt (5.8 KB)

Well, it's not an error from the browser library in the client. Can you check the gateway logs as well?

The gateway log is too big to transfer and contains only opc events.
However, here is a new designer outpu console that shows errors on view init:
ouput console.txt (25.5 KB)

Those errors are just symptomatic of the root cause, which is that your designer isn't able to launch the 'design' webpage due to a 400 error. I was hoping the gateway logs would indicate something about that 400 when it was happening.

At this point, your best bet is probably to contact support (
A wild guess is that maybe something's messed up in the Perspective module; you could try uninstalling the module and installing a freshly downloaded copy (with the correct platform version) from our website: Archived Ignition Releases | Inductive Automation

Have you restarted the gateway since this started happening?

yes I have restarted the gateway.
Support does not cover the Maker Edition.
I will try to unistall the designer and install it again.
Thanks for your help any way

Is this through a Linux VM that you've setup on the Synology (and then installed Ignition), or other means? It might be helpful to know the nuance of the installation (including if there is anything else "in front" of it).

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I installed it with docker latest image

There should be more detail in a settings export for your Synology docker container, e.g. (this is DSM6 on DS1815+):
synology docker settings export3

The resultant JSON should have useful details on how you've configured the container. Ultimately, I think you shouldn't probably have a lot of errors in the container logs (you mention they're filled with OPC errors?) if things are working as expected--you might just need to zip them before uploading here (they'll squash down pretty well to likely fit under the size limits on the forum).

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Here is the zipped json :slight_smile: (861 Bytes)

In reviewing that, it looks like you've got a reverse proxy in front of Ignition (presumably what is listening at your address and forwarding into your container). That is likely what is giving your Designer the 400/Bad Request error.

Unfortunately, I've no experience with DSM7 and its reverse proxy capabilities/configuration. Most likely scenario is that it isn't properly handling WebSockets if I had to guess.

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Yes indeed. I configured the dsm 7 reverse proxy to connect to the ignition docker.
Do you know which ip ans port is using designer to init views on the gateway?

Everything goes through the same 8088 (or 8043 if using SSL/TLS). On an NGINX configuration, you'd want to make sure that the Connection and Upgrade headers are passed through to the backend, e.g.:

    proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade;
    proxy_set_header Connection "Upgrade";
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Ok thanks.
I will check.

See you


I configured the 2 headers on my DSM reverse proxy.
Unfortunately, there is no improvement.
But the designer api call uses my gateway internal ip address, not my Internet domain one.
Do you really think the reverse proxy has something to do with my problem ?