View Load event in perspective


I have a script in my perspective view that is responsible for setting the data of a grid in my view. I added a script action to my grid component onStartup. I have read the documentation in the link below that suggests this should be the correct event. When I refresh the view the event is not firing. Is this the correct event? Or, is there another event I should bind to? The script needs to run every time the view is loaded or refreshed.


Did you ever find an answer for this? I’m kinda having a similar issue

I have not gotten an answer

I reached out to tech support today. I’m doing something similar but setting the data of a different component. They confirmed that at least in v8.11 the onStartup event only works the first time you load the view on the browser’s tab. They suggested I do a Pop-Up, which works but its not really what I want to do.

I did a bit of an ugly workaround. Since this is intended to be a “details” view I’m not calling from the menu but from another view. What I did was, I passed a boolean parameter “true” when I navigate to the details view. Then on the details view I have a binding with a Script Transform on Parameter = True. The final part of the script toggles the parameter back to false. I did a test and I think it will work. But I’m still looking for cleaner options.