View Memory, Disk and CPU Usage of the whole system (not Gateway)

Hello everyone,

I am creating a Scada application and I was wondering if it could be possible to visualize as the title suggest, the memory, disk and cpu usage of the system the application is viewed on.

The previous image is the idea of the view that I'm creating; on one hand there is the Memory Usage expressed on percentage and a gauge to express it on MB. For this part the used tags have been "Memory Utilization" for the percentage and "Memory Usage" and "Max Memory" for the Gauge. All of this tags coming from the [System]Gateway/Performance/ tag path

For the Disk Usage the idea is the same; a percentage (in this case Disk Utilization) and the total space (Available Disk Space (MB) tag).

Finally, the CPU Usage uses the "CPU Usage" tag

What I want to do is to display these values, but for the system that the application is being visualized on, as the previous used tags display the data from the gateway, not the device itself. For example, if the application is being visualized on a computer with 16gb of ram and 500gb of memory, the Memory Usage and Disk Usage values should be according to the system values.

Thanks in advance and sorry if the question is kind of dumb, I'm new using the program and have much to learn : )

Not in Perspective, no. Vision can do this.

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