View Not Found No view configured for this page

As the subject says, I’m getting a ‘View Not Found
No view configured for this page’ error when I try to launch a perspective session from the designer. I can’t figure out why. Everything appears to be configured properly…

Security is set to public. Don’t know what else to look for. Any ideas?


I think you need to hit the save button.

Ok, that’s totally not cool. :rofl:
So do you need to hit save every single time before you launch? Cause I’ve saved it numerous times…

Only when you’ve made changes that haven’t yet been saved.


Lol… :joy:

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Have anyone experienced a "view Not Found" on a home screen that is correctly configured and has been working for the past days?

I'm not losing page configurations like in this threads:

But it's just not opening the configured view (after saving :laughing:)

Are you able to provide screenshots which display the Page Configuration, as well as the View resource within the Project structure? The obvious culprits are likely a typo or a mis-placed backslash character.

Thumbs down to me :-1:

Someone in the team added and deleted a view that used the same address as the home screen /
I didn't notice that when I first checked.