View not Found on different PCs

I have a view that i created that on one computer shows as view not found but on another computer it brings it up just fine. I have tried refreshing, deleting cookies, as well as doing shift+f5. All other views are working correctly.

More details would help. Both are using the same browser? different browser? Do you have a copy of the view you can share with others? Is there any security on the view that is making it not viewable on purpose to subset of users?

I have tried Edge and Chrome for both and they give the same result. I have not added any security on the views. The only difference between the two is one machine is wired and the other is wireless. I dont think that should matter though as the machine that is unable to see the view is able to see all the other views.

Look to see if the Session which is not working is still a valid session. Obtain the IP of the machine which is not working. Now look on the Gateway to verify that session is connected by visiting Status > Connections > Perspective Sessions. Verify that a Session is listed with the obtained IP.

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