View Parameters Not Showing For Embedded View After Specifying PROPS.path

I’m running into two issues, first is I can’t drag/drop a view into another view to embed it. I have to copy/paste an embedded view and change the path to get them to show. I can click and drag the view from my project browser and get the “+”, but when I try and drop it nothing happens.

The other issue I’m running into is that an embedded view that has parameters defined doesn’t show any of them after being embedded. Meaning I have configured some for data in or out of the view, then after I embed it shows a param list of 0.

The drag & drop was just fixed today, so it should be available in the next published release. I’m looking into your other issue right now. is there any chance I can get a screenshot of what you’re trying to pass into the View as well as a screenshot of what your Embedded View is expecting?

After looking at the screenshot I was provided, this is behaving as expected. We do not CURRENTLY expose the parameters for an Embedded View after you specify the path. Even in the Popup Action GUI we do not directly expose them (though we do offer a dropdown of sorts within that GUI.


This is partly because we concentrated on getting everything working before we made everything awesome, and it’s partly because of how we expect Views to be used going forward: while it’s true in most instances that Views will be used as minor templates (header/footer/popup), it’s entirely plausible (because I do it myself) that Views could have dozens of parameters, and instantly filling the EmbeddedView.props.params field with dozens of values when only one is going to be supplied is less than ideal.

The current recommended usage is to add new objects/arrays/values as you see fit, to pass along only the parameters you need to pass along.

Ok that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.

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