View Params as dataset for chart

I’m making a perspective view that I plan to use several instances of later on for different instances of the same machine.

I have my params working for everything else but I can’t figure out how to use a param as the dataset for a chart. When I try and bind it as tag history it won’t work. Kind of at a loss here and my knowledge of SQL is a bit weak, I was wondering if anyone here had a resource that could help me or if anyone knew an answer?

Thanks for your time guys!

Amm, not entirely sure but still would try to answer.

You might have to configure that part a little rather than just directly binding it.
Is it a history tag ? or a chart data points coming up from the OPC tag every constant duration (evert second or half a second !)

Normal Chart Expects data in this form -

which is,
[[Time, Torque], [[0,0],[10,-0.2]…]

You can have the Indirect Reference to this dataset tag from params as below -

Once you have this, Map datasource of your chart to this parameter as like this :

Rest, you can configure in the Series Prop of the Chart !!

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I thought I tried that so I started over and found out my input parameter was value and not array and now it works fine haha.

I appreciate the fast response! If you ever find yourself in the dallas area let me know I owe you a beer!

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Glad it worked !!