View Permission Roles

8.0.15 using AD/Database Hybrid

Expected behavior: when I set the view permission for a specific role, a user that is logged in that has that role should be able to view the page

Actual behavior: the page gives a “you do not have permisison to load this view” message.

I can verify that the correct role (PRG) is returning from the database by using this change script on the session user property:


My view is permissions are set like this.

One thing to note is that I manually added the roles through the Gateway > Config > Security Levels interface. It seems like those would be auto-populated. Could someone please explain the mechanics of role-based permissions? I see that there are two roles objects. One in session.auth.user, and another in session.auth.securityLevels. How are they related? Am I missing something?

Here is the result from the test login:

It turns out, this was just a white space issue. Sorry guys. Hope this is helpful to someone at some point. Trimming the white space from the role from the database did the trick.

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