View Quarantined Data in Store and Forward 7.8

Hi all,

I’m having an issue with a Historical Tag database at the moment. It was working fine till this morning when I then looked at the store and forward information about found a lot of data Quarantined. I retried to send it then cleared it and ever since I cannot get the History provider to work. The database connection is fine but if I leave the Tag Historian enabled it will eventually Fault the database connection.

When I view the Store and Forward quarantine I keep getting “This data sink does not accept data of the given type.”

I’m only logging INT’s, Floats and Bools into a Microsoft SQL Database (2012). This is on an Ignition 7.8 server.

Is there any wait to view what tags it’s having a problem with (I have a lot of tags).


I should add if I let the Store and Forward run, it will eventually fill up the cache and I’ll get a console full of “Memory Full” etc.

The following error occurs if I switch off the Historian.
DatasourceForwardTransaction Error forwarding data: This data sink does not accept data of the given type.

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: This data sink does not accept data of the given type.
at com.inductiveautomation.ignition.gateway.history.sf.sinks.AggregateSink.storeData(

Another thing to add to this. It seems like the Disk Cache for the Store and Forward isn’t doing much.

It seems to fill with data but never forwards it (the settings are default).

I also seem to be getting slow queries.

Slow query “SELECT “scid”,“start_time”,“end_time”,“rate” FROM sqlth_sce WHERE “start_time”<=? AND “end_time”>=? AND (“scid”=? OR “scid”=?) ORDER BY “start_time” ASC” took 10 minutes, 25 seconds

I can execute my own scripts that read and write into database. But the store and forward system doesn’t work. It fills up and doesn’t forward, gives data type errors (when I turn off the Tag Historian for that project so I don’t crash the database link) and slow queries yet any other database function seems to be fine.

Earlier today the database table did seem to be full (no space left) but I made sure there was more space available.

I got my Store and Forward working again by rebooting the Database service. Even though the Database seemed to be working for all intents and purposes it did not want to talk about Store and Forward.