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I have just created my first report, but now I would like to view it by a Browser, as we use the Microsoft Reporting Services currently.
Is it possible to do it in Ignition?
My report is in "Ignition Deisgner" but how it can be accessed from another computer?

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you'll want to use this probably

Yes, thank you Victor.
I finally could access via web browser, but there are problems with a specific model of ThinClient (may be an update is required).
But despite my ReportViewer has a Schedule task, why is not refreshing the data once opened in the browser?

That's not how Ignition's reporting module works.

When you view a report in a Vision or Perspective client/session, the report is generated once, based on the parameters you supply. It doesn't automatically reload unless you give it different parameters to calculate.

Scheduled reports can deliver reports in PDF/Excel/HTML format to one or more targets, such as printers, email addresses, or save the created report to disk. But a report is not a 'live' document that updates while you're looking at it.

If you want a live view of process data, you should use a visualization system like Perspective or Vision.

Thank you for explaining something which is unknown for me.
Well, I come from SSRS which has the ability of refresh itself at a specified time.
I understand a "Report" is something static as I can export it, but I integrated my report into a Perspective view (the only page is the report), so I can see it via browser.
Once in Perspective, as I found in some YT video, I can add a button and refresh it by pressing, but, for sure my Perspective report can be updated within a specified time, isn´t it?

Thank you Paul!

Adding a parameter and changing it, it should be refreshed!

So many thank you guys!

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