View Security - Perspective Session Security and Security in Ignition 8.1.*

The IU topic View Security - Perspective Session Security ( shows a different popup menu on right clicking a view in the project browser window than what actually appears in the latest version 8.1.11 that I have downloaded recently. I guess the course needs to be updated or am I missing something?

In general I find the topic of federated identity and identity provider in Ignition 8.1.* quite confusing! I understand the concepts Oauth 2.0 and SAML etc, but various gateway security concepts with different user sources and Id providers, security levels etc are quite confusing to me. I got locked out and had to reset the gateway password several times in the process of trying out various options! Wish it It could have been simpler ! I feel like an illiterate person when trying to understand the new security system! in gateway and perspective ! Its quite frustrating !

Thank you for the feedback. I’ll try to address this the best that I can…

Maybe you tried right-clicking a view which is not currently opened in the editor? If that’s the case, the context menu will not show the “Configure View Permissions” option. The video did not mention that, so maybe a quick blurb about how you should first open the view for editing before attempting to configure view permissions will solve this problem for others?

This is disappointing to hear…and your feedback is definitely heard. I’d like to learn how we can make it less confusing.

Federated Identity Providers and the underlying protocols are complex. We strive to make it as easy as possible to configure these in a way that works for the most users, but ultimately there is a learning curve that is unavoidable.

I’m assuming you went through the documentation for Identity Providers and Security Levels. You also went through the IU videos. So clearly we have an opportunity for improvement if someone who understands OAuth and SAML already (and someone experienced with Ignition) is getting confused when attempting to configure security properly in Ignition.

Locking yourself out of the Gateway does happen by accident, and it is not something new with Identity Providers. This is exactly the reason why we have a password reset option in the GCU. Maybe we are missing opportunities in certain areas of the docs, videos, or the product itself to warn users when they are about to take an action which could lead to a lockout scenario.

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Hi ,

Thanks for the detailed reply.

Yes indeed I was tying to right click on a view which was open in the designer. It didn’t occur to me the I should try other not open views. But why that restriction? It was not very intuitive. Anyway but this takes care of my first concern. (Some how I seem to have a mental block in learning perspective as we need to change the mindset from Vision which we are conversant with).

Yes indeed the Oauth 2.0 and SAML difficult concepts to grasp initially. However they are very important standards for any modern application requiring security. Hopefully I will get over my mental block soon and be comfortable with these in Ignition. I did go thru the IU videos again and again, but haven’t read the documentation part. (I am more of a visual learner! ) Perhaps documentation will clarify things more for me.

Hopefully the existing documentation will clarify things for me. Let me go thru it first , perhaps its all already documented well which I may me missing.

I didn’t mean to be critical, I need to look at it with right perspective.