View with a Flex Repeater won't show inside Accordion bodies


I have a simple perspective view that has only one flex repeater inside, displaying instances of another view.

I am trying to load this view inside Accordion views (in the body), but no matter what the components inside the flex repeater are, the accordion won’t display it.

Any other component inside the View configured for the Accordion tab works, but haven’t been able to see a view that has a flex repeater inside accordion. Am I doing something wrong, or this is a limitation of Accordions?

Thanks a lot!

It should be possible to embed a flex repeater in an accordion, I think I used this at some point.
But I switched to a custom made accordion instead, because there were issues I couldn’t fix with the built-in component.

Does your flex repeater need parameters, that might not be passed properly when embedding it in the accordion ?

Hi @Daniel_Calderon, I don’t think it is possible to embed a container in them (but I could be wrong). The manual indicates it is used to display views only.

In projects that I’ve worked on this is the only way it’s ever been used.

Due to it’s limitations, I’ve often created my own version, similar to @pascal.fragnoud though.

Yes indeed, what I did was embed a view containing a flex repeater.

I just verified that Flex Repeaters work as expected inside Views used as the body of an Accordion component. Please verify your parameters are being passed as expected and the viewpaths are applied correctly. Remember that creating some number of instances for a flex repeater does not actually pass parameters into each instance; you must still supply the parameters yourself, usually through a binding:

Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 8.14.30 AM

After first Pascal’s comment on parameters, I realized all the views I tried inside the repeater had parameters. When I created another simple view with no parameters and tried to inject it in the repeater and the accordion body it worked! Then without doing anything else, I just went ahead and replaced the view being called for the repeater with my original view and it still worked! what!

So basically we confirm the Accordion body does work with views that have flex repeaters, even with view parameters. Maybe at some point my designer was struggling with memory and could not render it? no idea. But it works.

Thanks for the help and ideas.