View with configured path not found in the project

I am still relatively new to Ignition, but am working with perspective. I have created a view, left the page URL as “/”, but am still getting the “View with configured path not found in the project” error in Chrome browser. The annoying part is every time I do the “Launch URL” action from the page config, I get a glimpse of the view, but then the error appears. I have attached a picture of the page config in case it helps.

I also created a dummy project and was able to successfully load a blank white page when doing the “Launch URL” action, though when I copied the view I created into the dummy project, the error would then pop up. Once I deleted the view I copied over, the dummy project would then again show the blank page in the browser. Mobile also does same thing (glimpse then error).

Appreciate all help!

EDIT: Apparently, the view will work if I show it as a docked view, but still not the primary view.

We’ve had this occur when users type (or paste) the View’s path into the Primary View input. While the input allows for text, we’re aware that manual entry there is not working. What happens if you use the dropdown to select your path and then save the project?

Thanks for the response!

The drop-down fix didn’t seem to work, though I was able to create a new view and copy everything over, and it works fine on the new view. I messed with the new and old view to try to replicate what maybe is preventing the old view from displaying online, but was unable to get the new view to not display nor get the old view to successfully display.