Viewing a protected resource

Hi everyone,

I was provided a gwbk from a customer to evaluate their system and make recommendations. I was able to override the AD login via gwcmd and make a new admin user. Since then I’ve changed the projects to use the default user source and use the default admin account. I created the Administrator and Developer roles that were used by the previous AD groups and assigned them to the admin account. However, whenever I try to view resources in the designer, it says I do not have access. The properties state that I need the Developer role in order to view them. Since the project is now pointing to the default user source and identity provider, and the admin account has the Developer role assigned to it, shouldn’t I be able to view these resources? Please let me know if there is something I am missing. Thanks.

Edit: So, I am able to right click and open them, but double clicking on the resource throws an error that I do not have permissions

This is just an edge case that we don’t cover in the software currently.
Assuming you’re on 8.X, the easiest fix would probably be to delete the ‘global props’ resource (the entire folder) on disk, then wait 5 minutes (or restart the gateway) for the system to pick up the changes.

Thanks for the reply. I’m satisfied with just having to right click to open for now, but will keep this solution in mind for the future.