Viewing gateway CPU in values instead of percentage

Is there a way I can make a page or view a page that shows my gateway cpu performance value instead of by percentage?

I think the VM that runs my gateway cpu might being throttled and if possible I would like to show it over time on a page for my diagnostics.

Will help me sort out if I am doing something new that is taxing or if there is a throttling going on.

Generally speaking Java doesn't expose any direct access to underlying hardware information like this (because Java maintainers don't want to deal with it across every flavor of OS and hardware they support).

Since you likely know your gateway's architecture (most crucially OS) you could likely use some OS specific method and report the results back to Ignition. Linux has /proc/cpuinfo/; which you could in theory read with our file reading scripting functions. For Windows, you'll probably have to launch an external process and record the output, which would require using ProcessBuilder.


I opened a page in perspective.
My cpu went from 9% to 45%.

I concluded that since cpu usage didn't budge from 3% previously, that something must be wrong with how much compute has been given to my gateway.

I will see if I can get someone to have the cpu usage values written to a file and then to use file read scripts that you suggest.
Thanks @PGriffith