Viewing vision project from a client's website

I’m guessing that the answer to this is either very simple or very complicated…

I have a client (municipal water plant) that has a general city web site. Within that website users can log into a secure web page. From there, they would like to be able to view a read-only version of their Ignition Vision application. Creating the read-only version with navigation is easy, but how do I link to the vision application? The plant has a dedicated IP address from the web service provider.

Part of this question involves the mechanics of how to accomplish the link, but I am also concerned with the security of the Ignition server.

My guess is that someone out there has already done this. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!

The plant is currently running 7.9.7 on a windows 10 based server. Internet services are provided by Comcast. We plan to upgrade soon to 8.0 and create a perspective project that matches the current vision project.

I have never done this, my guess other than perspective, would be the Web Development module.