ViewMarq Carriage Return Modbus Command String

I have a ViewMarq sign I am trying to send a modbus command string to at address 411000.

I can send values to other registers no problem, for example Numeric Variable 1 at 40100.

The tag value at 411000 changes when I send data over, it just doesn’t change the sign display. Other forum threads indicate the carriage return of \r needs to be included. It is included, and if I write to a modbus simulator with the same string I am seeing the x0D carriage return the ViewMarq is expecting.

Based on another thread in the forum I am using the following string:

s="<ID 0>Hello World" + “\n\r”
system.opc.writeValue(“Ignition OPC-UA Server”,"[Sign]HRS11000:200",s)

Based on Automation Direct tech support with the behavior it is not seeing the carriage return, otherwise it would update the display.

Have you tried reversing the order of the carriage return and new line?

i.e. s="Hello world\r\n"

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Consider omitting the “\n”, or placing it after the “\r”.

I’ve tried \r\n, \n\r, \r\r, more than 2 \r’s and doubling up on both orders of \n\r and \r\n with no luck.

I’m going through the various byte/word swapping configurations to see if I can have any luck there, but the tag value is coming across correctly in the tag browser so it seems like everything should be good to go there.