Views with custom properties overriding each other

I am using 3 different (flex) views that are set up in a similar manner. All 3 views consist of a markdown component, a label, and a custom props object (on the view level) as well as a Boolean parameter "or" to change state of the markdown (green background vs grey background).

If i try to embed one of the views on another view, everything works fine, however as soon as there is more then one embedded view, the latest one takes over the "or" parameter for all existing embedded views on the main view. Is this a bug or am i missing something here? I've restarted designer, and gateway already...

ignition version 8.1.28

here are the separate views

NC Contact

NO Contact

Coordinate view embedded with components (all wrongly being controlled by 1 parameter of lastly added embedded view). I bound labels to their respective or parameter value

Looks like they are bound to one value

What version of Ignition are you using? I'm betting something from before 8.1.26...


i wish it was that easy!

You'll likely need to reach out to Support, as further troubleshooting is going to require examination of a browser Session - specifically, the value in use by the svgs you are modifying. 8.1.26 repaired an issue where svgs with hard-coded URL color references would always use the value of the first svg loaded which used that URL.


These components are actually custom css components i made. sounds like a very similar issue though.