Virtual Key Pressend in Perspective

Is there a way to send a virtual key pressed in Perspective Session. Specifically “Ctrl”.
The idea would be to select a checkbox as a virtual Ctrl

why would you want this?

Operability. Avoid the usage of both hands, one on the keyboard and other in the mouse.

What would they need to ctrl+click?

I doubt this is possible, it be unsecure* if browsers allowed this xd

For multiple selections in a tree component

Why unsecure?
This Mozilla developer online allows it Document: keydown event - Web APIs | MDN (

Ones in focus, it detects as

No this is listening to key events not sending out ones

Indeed, you’re right.

Do you know any way to make multiple selections in a tree component without using Ctrl key?

no :frowning:

I don’t think you’ll be able to do this. The frontend component would have to check for the actual ctrl key during the mouse event, or some artificial boolean that’s exposed in the props you could bind to - it doesn’t currently do anything like that.

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Ok, thanks @PGriffith