Visibility based on Null Tag value

I’m trying to make a button visible only when a text field is not null. I’ve tried the following in the Expression binding of the Visible property of the button:

if({tag}=null, false, true)
if({property}=null, false, true)

if(isNull({tag}), false, true)
if(isNull({property}), false, true)

This is not working. I want the button only visible when an operator enters their name.
Previously I tried {tag}!= “”, but putting a space into the text field will make the button visible.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Text fields are basically never null, IIRC. Test for a zero-length string, instead.

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len(trim({Root Container.Text Field.text}))

Trim the string to remove surrounding whitespace (including if just spaces are entered) and then if the length is 1 or more, it will be evaluated as true. No if statement required.