Visibility in the designer

Is there a way to force a component to be visible in the designer, but have a binding drive the visibility on the client?

I have certain components that I want turned on/off based on machine options, but when that option isn’t present the component is invisible in the designer as well. I’m afraid that as time goes on, someone won’t realize the work for that option is already done since they cannot see if in the designer.

I know that I can click the checkbox next to the visibility to temporarily force it on, but as soon as it transitions to “false” from the PLC tag driving that binding, it doesn’t show up again.

Check this out:

If you’re in Perspective, configure an Expression binding for Component.meta.visible a la

{[tag_provider_name]PathToPLC/relevantValue} || ({session.props.device.type}='designer')

I don’t know if Vision has an equivalent means…

Vision equivalent isn’t quite as clean, but does the trick (from thread linked by @brandon1 above):