Visibility Property value not updating in preview mode

Unfortunately, I cannot go back to another version to check, but I thought that property values always showed their current values when in preview mode?

I have a small container window that I make visible upon clicking a button. If I have that item selected in the tree and go into preview mode and click the button to make it visible, the container shows up, but the property value for visibility does not change to reflect the current status.

If I click on to another item in the tree and then click back to the container item, the visibility property will be properly updated.

What’s interesting is that it looks like most everything else works properly except for visibility.

Interesting, I’ll see if I can reproduce this tomorrow.

Well, no mystery here. The [tt]visible[/tt] property is not a bindable property, meaning that it doesn’t fire property change events when it changes. Without firing property change events, the property editor won’t reflect changes in value that are made by external forces (like your toggle button).

Well that would explain 2 things for me…lol