Visible menu items


I have a binding that alters visible param on Menu Tree items, does the visible param really only work on the root item of the menu tree? I want to alter the visibility on children items, I was hoping there would be an easier was than removing the items, is there a better way to do this?


Use the "visible" property under props.items[0].visible for each items in the tree.

Not sure, I try value[1].items[0].visible = False and that throws an error which leads me to believe that not all the menu items have the property 'visible'


Use the property selector on the side of the script window to get the right path to that property. Depending on where your script is being called from is going to change the way you actually get that reference to the visible property.

For example,

self.getChild("root").getChild("MenuTree").props.items[0].visible = False

My only issue is that it doesn't do anything, the first item in Production is still showing up even though visible is false.


Your parent menu item isn't expanded in your screen shot, so you probably aren't seeing the changes. Are you sure you're looking at the view correctly when changing the visible status?

Yes. I can see everything, I get these errors - I just think the visible property isn't available for children items. I doubt it's just me?