"Visible" Property Binding not changing in my client

I am using an expression binding on the Visible property of a text box so the box is only visible from 7am to 6pm. The text box turns on and off in my designer window based on the time but not on the Vision screens. If I close the Vision application and open it again it seems to update and show the text box.
Below is the expression I blinded to the “visible” property. Any idea’s why it not updating the text box visibility in real time on the Vision client screen?

dateExtract(now(0), “hour”)>= 7&&
dateExtract(now(0), “hour”)<= 18

now(0) means that the binding will not poll - so it’s evaluated once, when the window first opens, and then never re-evaluated. Give (one of) the now expressions a slow poll (now(60000)) and it should work properly.