Vision 8.1.12 Vision Numeric Entry Field writes old value on 'Cancel'

Using a Numeric Entry Field with a ControlLogix processor and a touch-screen. When using a touchscreen, the numeric entry keypad is used and the only way to exit it is pressing “Cancel” or “OK”.

I had ‘45’ in the PLC register. I opened the keypad on the touchscreen, but entered nothing. I then changed the PLC register to ‘72’, using Logix, to be sure the operator could see the change. I then hit “Cancel” on the keypad and was surprised to see the PLC register with ‘45’ in it!

I tried this a couple different ways, but the same behavior was observed. Some setpoints can be adjusted by operators and also be written to by automated sequences. If the operator had a keypad open when an automated sequence changed the register value, pressing “cancel” on the keypad would undo the automated change.

Commit on Focus Lost = False
Defer Updates = False
Reject Updates During Edit = False

I have some ideas on a workaround, but wanted first to ask if this was intended behavior or if I have a setting wrong. I expected a ‘cancel’ to leave the tag value alone, and a write to occur only on an acceptance.