Vision: Add gateway & application for all users

I have multiple users using the same desktop, the Vision application is installed for /allusers, but each time they launch the application they need to add a gateway and application. Is there a way or a registry key to automatically assign the gateway/application for all users?

As this is a one application environment, it would be useful if a link to just the application could be placed in public desktop so that everybody can access the application with one click.

Also will be setting this up on a terminal server, which I hope can use a similar solution.

This may be more than you are asking for but we have multiple plants, gateways and applications. I implemented a common database connection in all gateways to a central SQL instance where I determine the target based on gateway name, line and user which application and version they are allowed to access. I use this for version control to determine whether they can launch a final version or a beta version for testing at that location.