Vision Alarm journal ressources

Hi All,

Over the past year an a half a client mentionned that sometimes the Server PC would freeze, they had to restart it (windows was not froze). I was able to see from my own eyes one time and looks like it was when the Alarm History (Alarm Journal) page was open. I did check PC ressources and the CPU was struggnling pretty bad. CPU load was > 90% just for the Zulu platform process. Restarting the view client does fix it (no need to reboot PC). After that, I manually tried to redo the bug but it didn't happen again.

When I tried to manually do it, I tried displaying alarms from the last 24h, last week and even from all last months but it did not torch the CPU, was normal load on CPU.

Totally forgot to write here but the problem is clearly not fix, just happend while I was remote connected to the system (the client had the Journal open).

System was originally on 8.1.22 and we updated last December to 8.1.33, no change to the effect, it crashed before the update and also after.

Any ideas where to look at first?


First screenshot is when its' happening and second is after a restart, showing alarms from last month ~19K alarms.

If the database is on the same machine as the gateway, there can be pathological contention between the two. Is the machine hosting both gateway and database?

It does

I will be difficult to untangle the database impact while querying the journal from the handling of that data in the gateway as long as they are in the same machine. Plan on fixing that, as you may not be able to solve this otherwise.

(Putting a database on the same machine as a gateway is only suitable for development or trivial testing.)

Curious as to what all is running on this IPC. The alarm manager stuff, I would say, is not Ignition, DB, or Windows related.

Seems that writing to DB and running the Gateway is perfectly fine, the system is operational since Dec 2022. I do get your point but adding another computer just for the DB is going cost alote more and space is also very limited. One thing I could do is at least test the theory using another PC while the vessel is doecked in the next weeks.

Not much actually, the MySQL DB, the Gateway and a viewer, that's it. From the screen shot you can see that it is the Zulu Platform Process related to Ignition that is eating at the CPU, nothing else. The rest might be 5-10% CPU which is just normal.

It is clearly related to opening the Alarm Journal mimic, perhaps it a configuration issue but i'm fraily certain it is not something else.

If your total memory usage is that low, you could probably allocate more memory to the vision client in the project properties.