Vision Alarm Journal/Status filterAlarm not working

Using v8.1.11

Vision Alarm Journal and Alarm Status objects. I put "return False" into the enabled filterAlarm extension function.

It still returns all alarms, what am I doing wrong?

That's an interesting result. I just tested it, and it works for me. Let's start by checking the simple stuff:

It's enabled and the apply button has been pressed:

If so, is it also not working in the designer?

Yes it's also working for me in a test environment v8.1.11. I'll have to see what's different at the customer's site

In v8.1.11, modifying the filterAlarm extension function on a Vision Alarm Status component applies the filter immediately. However, on an Alarm Journal component, the function is only applied after closing and reopening the display.

This behavior does not exist in v8.1.25; i.e.: modifying filterAlarm on an Alarm Journal component applies the filter immediately.

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