Vision Alarm Status Table - only show one alarm per tag

Is it possible for the vision alarm status table to only show one alarm per tag. The table already filters for a certain group of tags defined by a UDT. The UDT tag only has one alarm but I want the alarm status table to only have 1 row per tag, in that I want to see an alarm that is cleared and unacknowledged, however, if that alarm was to go active again, I want to only see a row for the active and unacknowledged alarm, and the cleared but unacknowledged alarm I want to see disappear (or acknowledged so it disappears). I have tried to use the tag event scripts but for some reason system.alarm.acknowledge doesn’t seem to work in that script. If i copy what I have in the tag event script, and run it in the script console, it works fine so I don’t think it is a syntax problem.