Vision and Designer: beginner question

New to ignition, and modifying what vision sees is new to me and after browsing for a couple hours on google / ignitionuniversity, I’m not any closer to understanding how it works.

in vision, there is a whole menu on the left hand side and a container which loads the pages i’ve been working on. I don’t know what this default vision page is called, or how to modify it. I know where the menu page is, and the pages it loads, but as far as where it loads and how it loads, I do not know where to locate it.

Is there some setting that tells me what vision is automatically loading? Where does one go to, lets say, move the menu to the right hand side from the designer?

That’s just a docked view in the template projects - probably called navigation or something like that. You can definitely change it to be docked to a different side, or remove it completely and implement your own navigation concept.

Do you modify this through Designer? is there an easy way to find the path that is currently loading the docked view by default?

Yes, you change these things in Designer. Are you asking how to find the menu page that’s docked on the left? Windows opened automatically on startup will have little symbol to the right of them in the tree like this:
But windows can be opened from scripts too, so you may have to look elsewhere to see what is opening them (likely client startup script).

If you’ve found it, open it, and–with it selected in the project tree–take a look at the properties pane. Change Dock Position to East to move it to the right hand side.

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