Vision Bar Chart - Format Date in Dataset from MES Analysis Controller

In Ignition 8.0.5 and MES 2.0,

I’m trying to take the output of the MES analysis controller and build a bar chart that shows production target and actual values for each hour of the shift. The only problem is that my category label is something like “Sat Aug 15 22:30:00 EDT 2020” when what I want is “22:30”.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I could reformat this data?

Apologies if this would have been better suited for the “3rd Party Modules” category.


Okay, I got this to work by copying the dataset from the MES Controller into a new dataset using system.dataset.formatDates() function. Then I copy that to a table that I make invisible, and I bound my bar chart to that table.

Was there a smarter way?