Vision. Binding to not existing Tag

Ignition v8.1.4 (b2021040109)


I can’t figure out one thing.
When I have a TagPath to not existing Tag, so in the Vision I get Value = 2
Is it a BUG or what?


Binding on alarm:

As I understand, I have to get 0 in result

PS! The TRY function returns the same value

What if you use an indirect tag binding?

The same situation.


PumplaPath (is a String of Data Type):

What’s the quality of it?


If I type a space in alarm_TagPath, so it’s Bad of Quality

I don’t know what’s going on with your system. Are you sure you don’t have a script writing that 2 or something?

this is a new window and there is no scripts which are writting to it…
just this expression binding to this customized parameter…

Can you try setting all the expression related loggers to TRACE in the designer and triggering the binding?

Can’t figure out how to trigger it :thinking:

it’s strange… but when I open this Window, so nothing’s happen…
When I open other Windows, I get messages…