Vision button not working sometimes for navigation

On this project I have several buttons for navigation, I'm using action/actionPerformed/Swap Window. Occasionally, any random button stops working (I press it and it doesn't change windows); if I switch to any other screen and then go back, it works again. Right now, I have the gateway on the same laptop as the vision client, and I am using mouse for this. What could be a good way to start troubleshooting this?

Using vision Ignition 8.1.


Educated guess: one of the windows in your project isn't a proper "main" window, so it's breaking the "typical" navigation strategy. Try to figure out which window(s) you are opening when this stops working.

Also, as a general rule, check your client diagnostic logs for errors when something unexpected happens.

Double-checked all of them looking for a missed docked window, they were all main, so then I checked all buttons and noticed a couple of them were scripted to system.nav.openWindow instead of swap based on some window's conditions (don't know the reason they were created like that), changed them and solved the issue.

Thank you for your help.

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