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I am plotting data on a Vision Chart with a number x-axis. When the user puts the chart into x-trace and clicks somewhere on the chart, a vertical line appears with little value annotations on each point. The value annotation for the x-axis value is in a weird time format (showing the datapoint number in the milliseconds which goes back to 0 after 999), is there a way of switching this to number format?

@pturmel, can you do this with noteChart module?

I believe the date displayed is using whatever date format the incoming dataset has. Using the default dataset on the Chart doesn’t display any milliseconds.

How is your data property setup?

Edit: Apparently i can’t read. I see now you’re not using a date x axis

The Default X Axis setup on the Chart is using a Date Axis Type. Did you delete that axis and change it to a Number Axis?

The incoming dataset is generated via script on a button press.

Yes, I deleted the default date x-axis and added a number axis.

You’ll have to use the custom method to supply that annotation. The Notechart module assumes the x-axis is always timestamp, as the notes features won’t work if they aren’t. But if you are just using the X-Trace, you can extract the milliseconds from the timestamp to format and display it as a number.

Your post is a bit misleading, btw, as the screenshot is of my NoteChart, not Vision’s classic Chart object. The translucent background of the X-Trace numbers and timestamp (to help readability) is a dead giveaway. Vision’s native Chart won’t do that.

{Oh, and I appreciate that you are using it by default… (: }

Yea, I was hesitant to say it was a NoteChart module chart as doing so may deter forum users from considering my problem as they may not be familiar with the NoteChart module - thinking that a solution to the regular Chart would be similar on the Classic Note Chart component.

The reason I am using a numbered x-axis rather than a date x-axis is because the date implementation will have large gaps all over the place (when machine generating data is not being run) making the data visualization less effective (in my opinion). I would like to add notes to the chart so perhaps I just need to bite the bullet.

Yes, I use your NoteCharts by default, love them!

Normally, yes, since NoteChart subclasses the classic Chart. However, if you look at my documentation, it says I completely rewrote the X-Trace functionality. (:

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Is there anyway to use a date x-axis but have the datapoints spread evenly between points?

See if I use a date axis, this is what my chart looks like:

Hmmm. No, the x-axis is a dimension, not a category. Consider putting each run on its own pen, and subtracting off the starting point. That’ll place each run on a common axis (time from start). Not sure if that’ll yield something that’s useful for you. I’d have you consider combined-range subplots, but NoteChart can’t do that.

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