Vision client appears to be frozen, or data refresh is broken (new Ignition 8 user)

Hi everyone,

We have a gap in Ignition resources and I'm trying to troubleshoot something that may be trivial to some of you.

There is a Vision client running on our warehouse "shipping monitor" displaying a somewhat simple DataTable. This hasn't refreshed since July 10th, but it should be refreshing daily. When I open the project in the Ignition Designer, data from the proper date (July 18) loads in as expected. I'm including screenshots on this post (with most data censored).

I see this as a good way to get my feet wet in our Ignition system as it seems relatively simple to solve, but I want to make sure I go about it the right way.

  • My first thought is to simply restart the Vision client. It could just be frozen, or the connection to our Ignition server may be broken. I cannot say what the root cause is at this point. Like I said, before trying anything, I want to ensure I am thinking about things the right way...
  • If that doesn't work, I would want to look at how the DataTable is being driven - but I don't yet know how or where to do this (is there a certain panel I should open and look at?). The timer is the only other object in this root container so that could be suspect as well. Tips here would be appreciated!
  • If I get this working again, how can I prevent this from happening again? What sorts of things could I look into doing? I understand this depends on what the root cause is in the first place...

Is the binding configured to poll? If not, what is in the UI to make it refresh?

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Looks like the script behind the timer is doing that - attaching another screenshot.

Airport shipping monitor 04

Hmmm. Looks broken. A timer component generally has its functionality on the actionPerformed event--that's what is run when the time is complete.

Your comment about polling inspired me to disable the timer and move to an absolute polling interval on the DataTable itself. Not quite sure why it was done the way it was but now it is working. This ended up being simpler than I thought it would be... looking forward to learning more about Ignition.