Vision Client Chart Data Off as compared to Vision on Gateway

Good Evening Everyone,

I struggled with the topic name for this as the issue is a weird one.

I have a Vision chart component looking at a tag in realtime. Chart looks fine in Vision client when run on the gateway.

When running Vision client on a remote PC, it appears the value drops to zero looking at the right side of the chart.

If I run designer on the remote PC, and I look at the dataset for the chart component, I can see the last 2 values are indeed zero, where if I look at the dataset in the designer on the gateway, there's values there.

What I found was that the timeclock on the remote client was approx 45 seconds ahead of the timeclock on the gateway. So I guess that makes sense it was looking for samples where there were none because the gateway hadn't collected them yet.

So the question is what should I do about this? We're not on any domain or anything - it's really just a Windows 11 PC as the gateway and a Win 10 PC in another room 25 ft. away as the remote client. Not even connected to the internet. I was thinking maybe time sync the remote client PC to the gateway PC to keep the clocks in sync maybe? For the time being, I set the remote PC time to be 2 min behind the gateway but being a PC clock I know that they'll both drift over time and this will come up again at some point.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated!


I've seen this come up in the forum several times before. Search the forum for NTP server to see how many people are keeping their gateways and clients in sync.

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