Vision Client constantly reconnecting


I have a single client that is always switching between looking for the gateway and then connecting every second. I am aware that Ignition may not be the issue in this scenario, but I wanted to post just in case. The network on the computer doesn't drop out for anything else other than Ignition. I tried clearing the cache but still no dice. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

If I completely restart the client, it will be good for about an hour until it starts the cycle of connecting/re-connecting starts again.

Are you seeing anything in the Ignition logs?

The logs tell me that a new client is connecting. Other than that, no.

Is the machine involved particularly underpowered? I can image a case where memory usage at the start-up minimum runs fine, but when java approaches the project's client maximum, the PC struggles, and weird stuff starts to happen.

Consider looking at the launcher log to determine the actual java command that runs the client, and run that directly in a terminal. You will then be able to see all the log activity, even if the client crashes.

I will go look at the computer in a bit here. I don't believe the machine is underpowered. This computer has been running the client for 2+ years now.

I believe I solved this issue. Been having some domain and DNS issues recently so in the client launcher for this computer I manually inputted the IP of the gateway instead of the name of my VM. Has been working ever since.

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