Vision Client failing to launch application (Mac OS High Sierra)


Had a problem recently getting the 8.0 vision client to launch a project on a customers computer.

We downloaded the installer, added the gateway and application no problem. Then we clicked launch (with the create a shortcut checked) and the vision client closed down (but created the shortcut on the desktop). Upon clicking the shortcut, the blue loading screen (the one that shows when your downloading dependencies) showed up, loaded one dependency (1/1) and then shutdown. But no application was launched after that.

Mac is old, running High Sierra but is up to date. Anyone have a similar issue before? I haven’t been able to find anything online in my searching.


See if there’s anything useful in the ~/.ignition/clientlauncher-data/clientlauncher.log file.

If nothing else, you should see it log the (long) path it’s using to start the client, which you can copy and paste into a terminal and run to possibly get more information.

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Thanks Kevin,

Here is the log file. It looks very suspicious to me that there is nothing in there except for “Using … to store logging info” over and over. There is nothing about starting up the project or anything else. I posted the log for reference and will try starting it in the terminal next with path: /Users/johndoe/.ignition/clientlauncher-data/clientlauncherclientlauncher.log (2.3 KB)